Monday, May 30, 2011

Home sweet home: The Sunshine State

                                         Josh Miller. Front 5050 Front Boardslide.
                                         Sequence:Chuck Miller. (Click image to view sequence).

                                          Oh dats just jah bois Matt Zetts and Ron.
                                         Matt switch leanin.
                                         Ma main niggy Nolan Blanchard.
                                         Ball"zach" Bailey killing it.
                                         Yoga master Miller.
                                         Chuck Miller killing it.
                                         Kickflips and bonelesses.
                                         Sequence: Chuck Miller. (Click image to view sequence).

                                         Breakdancing with Josh Vanhamlin.
                                         The Florida heat.
                                         Give me one if you know me.
                                         Cruisin with Milla.
                                         Nolan rim shoppin for his beamer.
                                         Josh bumpin P.Diddy on his new fancy Iphone.

                                         Dats dat shit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Da BroCam Master Himself.

                                          Noah Straight murkin...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


                                         Bryan and Frank dodging busses.
                                          Frank killing it...
                                          Jeremy killing it...
                                          Dats dat shit...
                                         Rob G killing it...
                                          Frank loungin.
                                          Hills, lots of em.
                                          Gritty sidewalks.
                                          Bryan Jones.